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Wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap a young man, a supporter of Donald Trump’s, roared, Keep ‘em out – while at a rally miles away a young woman, an anti-Trump protestor, tossing her head, joined the other protestors in chanting, ‘Let ‘em in.’

And unless you watched both Fox News and CNN the two protestors’ worlds never touched.

A blue-collar worker, the young man was absolutely certain ‘Let ‘em in’ meant telling a jihadist hiding in a refugee camp ‘Here’s a visa. Come join us.’

And the young woman, a college graduate working as a waitress, was equally certain ‘Keep ‘em out’ meant telling a Syrian refugee, a widowed mother with a child, ‘Tough luck – you stay in that camp.’

Neither the young man or young woman were about to give an inch and oddly, no older soul – no minister, layman or even a Congressman – interfered to say: ‘Look, all I’m hearing from one of you is ‘To hell with refugees,’ and all I’m hearing from the other, even after Boston, San Bernardino and Orlando, is don’t be afraid of terrorists.

How about we try this: Instead of more protesting let’s find someone smart enough to figure out a way to investigate or vet every immigrant so we can tell a terrorist hiding a refugee camp No (or simply throw him in jail) and tell a grieving widow with a child Yes.

‘Do you reckon the two of you can stop hollering long enough to try that?’


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