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One group of Americans watches Trump on TV, and they see their worst fears come to pass. They see a vain, boastful, arrogant, uninformed con man. They see an administration marked by chaos, cruelty, incompetence, hostility to fundamental constitutional rights and a troubling penchant for making unnecessary enemies and strange friends abroad.

Another group of Americans watches Trump, and they see their dreams come true. They see a straight-talking, no-BS, non-PC strongman. They see an administration that’s making all the right moves against all the right enemies: the media, minorities, Muslims, liberals, Democrats, the Washington establishment and all the smarty-pants know-it-alls.

Then there’s a third group of Americans. They watch Trump, and they’re alternately amused and horrified. They listen to the other groups, and they’re put off by the anger and bitterness of both. They seek the truth, and they don’t see it coming from either side.

They are left with their hopes and their fears. And they hope it will all turn out better than they fear.



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