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Down in Alabama there’s an election – a Republican runoff – today and the Washington Republicans led by Mitch McConnell have moved heaven and earth to elect Luther Strange (who was appointed to Jeff Session’s Senate seat) while the Anti-Establishment-Trump-Populist Republicans (from Steve Bannon to Sean Hannity) want to elect Judge Roy Moore but there’s a twist in the story: Donald Trump is for the Establishment candidate.

Last Friday night Trump was in Alabama campaigning for ‘Big Luther’ Strange and it was pure Trump: He praised ‘Big Luther’ almost as much as he praised himself then trying the oldest trick in the book he said ‘Big Luther’ was a sure bet to win the General Election but he wasn’t so sure about Roy Moore.

The Swamp’s for Strange. Trump’s folks are against Strange. And Trump’s with the Swamp.

How do you figure that?

It gets even odder: Trump’s base doesn’t seem to care what Trump says – they voted against Luther Strange in the Primary and Roy Moore is now leading Strange in the Run-Off.

Last Friday night Trump climbed out on the end of a limb so today, down in Alabama, is his base going to salute and say, Yes, Sir, and vote against Roy Moore or is it going to saw the limb off behind Trump? And if it does what does it mean? By midnight we’ll know how the answer to the first question. The second question, well, we’ll have to wait awhile to see the answer.


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