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It’s the crossfire dozens of Republican Senators and Congressmen are facing – it happened to a Congresswoman in Alabama like this: The Republican State Legislator challenging her in the primary said, ‘It’s a choice between me, the first guy to endorse Trump, or a Congresswoman who said Trump was unfit to serve’ and make no mistake: That bite has teeth. The Republicans who vote in Primaries like Trump a lot more than they like Washington Republicans.

That’s one jaw of the trap. The other is Independents. They don’t like Trump and, when a Congressman sides with Trump, he risks losing their votes and losing to a Democrat in the General Election.

One Congressman in South Carolina explained his dilemma this way: He said, I’ve got a Republican challenger who says I don’t vote with Trump enough and a Democratic challenger who says I vote with him too often.

That’s being caught in the crossfire.  


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