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Senator Tom Apodaca, the last of the old-fashioned Bull Moose in the State Senate, has tree’d Prior Gibson.
Just before the General Assembly voted on the budget a letter landed on legislators’ desks from the Secretary of Transportation saying it was urgent to spend $63 million to build a parkway in Gaston County. Only the Secretary never signed the letter as he later told the press.
Two days later – in what has to be a land-speed record for a legislature – Senator Apodaca held a hearing and learned Governor Perdue’s chief lobbyist Pryor Gibson had traipsed over to the Department of Transportation while the Secretary was out of town, put an Assistant Secretary in a political headlock, and gotten her to sign her boss’s name to the letter.
Apodaca held a second hearing the next day and called Gibson, who said the whole thing was all just a terrible misunderstanding but it was all straightened out now. Apodaca didn’t buy it. Leaning toward Gibson he growled, Well, was anybody pressured to sign that letter? and Gibson (sounding like a fellow in a deposition who’d just been asked a question he didn’t want to answer) gulped, Not to my knowledge.
Now whether or not you’re an admirer of Bull Mooses you’ve got to give Senator Apodaca credit: In three days he got Pryor Gibson tree’d.


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2 comments on “Tree'd

  1. Carbine says:

    The most damning thing to come out (though no me seems to have noticed) is that Gibson acknowledged speaking with the Secretary about this issue prior to his leaving on the trip, and knew full well that he (the Secretary) was against the request for funds. But he (Gibson) made the change anyway. The only possible “misunderstanding” here was Gibson’s failure to understand that the Secretary would not stand for having his letter changed behind his back.

  2. Chris says:

    Great. Now if we can just get him tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail, all will be good. The world needs fewer Pryor Gibsons, not more.

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