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The Good Lord gave everyone their own way of seeing things but he also gave them the ability to stand in another person’s shoes (or at least to get close enough to where another person’s standing to see what he’s seeing).
But there are exceptions. For instance, when people get into politics. And join groups that only see things one way.
A pro-gun group here is an example. At least as far as politics goes, most everything these folks see comes down to one thing: Their right to tote pistols in restaurants and just about anywhere else. And, right now, they’re mad as hops at State Senator Phil Berger because he won’t pass a bill to let them carry pistols in bars.
They’re so mad they’re running ads saying Phil Berger’s scared to bring the bill up for a vote because he’s frightened of the ‘bad publicity.’
Now Phil Berger, like everyone else, has his flaws. But over the last year he’s passed a Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage, passed a budget that cuts education spending, and blocked a sales tax increase to hire more teachers. He’s been pilloried in the press by experts so it’s hard to see him being afraid of a little ‘bad publicity.’


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One comment on “Everyone Has Their Own Point of View

  1. Reaganite says:

    I am not a one issue 2nd Amendment type. I own guns, but have never been a member of groups like GOA,NRA, or GRNC. I care about 2nd Amendment issues, but they are not my top priority. I greatly respect GOA and GRNC who do good work. NRA too often whores to incumbents who are not really that great on 2nd Amendment issues.

    On this issue, I think GRNC is absolutely right. I am appalled that on a significant 2nd Amendment issue, Doug Berger is one of the good guys and Phil Berger is one of the bad guys. That seems terribly backward.

    But this is not the first time that Phil Berger has stabbed conservatives in the back on a major policy issue. One remembers the sordid backroom deal that he, Apodaca, Rucho, and Brown did with the special interests to seriously water down the illegal immigration bill, for example.

    What we have in our legislative and Congressional leadership in both Raleigh and Washington is a pack of surrender monkeys. Tillis trying to water down the Voter ID bill to the point it is meaningless, and backing off the sealevel rise bill, are also good examples. We need to toss out the lot and find some replacements with a backbone. Too bad we cannot clone Scott Walker, as that is the type of leadership our party needs at all levels.

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