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There is a lot of sound and fury in the press – the latest storyline on the Presidential race reads: ‘Romney Stumbles,’ ‘Romney Sinks,’ ‘Romney Running Out of Time.’ Former Bush campaign aide Mark McKinnon wrote Romney ‘has dug his hole so deeply now, I don’t know if he can pull himself out.’
In fact, the last Gallop tracking poll (Wednesday night) showed Romney and Obama tied with 47% of the vote each.
So what’s going on here?
Tabloid journalism.
Whether it’s MSNBC, CNN or Fox News, tabloids – even the electronic version – feed on drama. Every night they need crisis and if a crisis doesn’t exist they’ll invent one. After all, they can’t report night after night that the polls didn’t change.
So watch the story line. I expect it may run: Romney Stumbles, Romney Falls, Romney Rallies, Polls Tied Again.
But don’t confuse that with the facts.


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One comment on “The Story Line…

  1. dap916 says:

    Sensationalism in the media is what gets ratings and ad dollars. It’s not rocket science. Because the mainstream media…ala CBS, MSNBC, ABC, CNN and the like…that sensationalism comes from presentations against Romney and in defense of Obama. It’s what happened to the republicans in 2008 and it’s happening now…and to a great degree, even more now than in 2008. What has happened is not so much negative reporting but NO reporting…and by that I mean not telling what is true and relevant. Take the killing of an ambassador recently. It was called an act that happened because of some abscure video against Islam…but, then, it was admitted by the administration that is was an attack that was planned. But, the mainstream media only reported on it being an attack because of the video. Why is that important? Because if it was an issue of failed administration and other governmental activities, it would be negative to Obama. It was and remains a joke. This is only one of just SOOOO many examples of how the media supports Obama by leaving out anything that would be considered negative for the Obama administration. It’s something I doubt Romney or anyone that would run against him could/can overcome. NO amount of money into a campaign can offset a biased media. Nothing…absolutely nothing. So, when Obama fails in his next four years…who will he then blame? Bush? Will that carry that far forward? Really? When businesses just quit because of huge and immense government regulation and pressure…will that be Bush that did it? When increased taxes have to be brought down to the middle class to pay for more and more entitlement payments..will that be Bush’s fault then? We can’t lose sight of just how weak our economy is and how easy it will be to just totally ruin it and bring us into a situation that makes our government “take control” of those that do have wealth. It’s not that far away.

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