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Amid the turmoil and hard times, when 47% of the Americans depend on government for support, it came as a surprise to open the newspaper and read Raleigh is spending $60 million on a train station.
Medicare is, with mathematical certainty, heading to bankruptcy. Social Security is not far behind. And the government in Washington can only continue to function as long as someone is willing to loan it 40 cents of every dollar it spends.
But the federal government, state government and city governments are uniting to build a train depot.
Does that make any sense at all?


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4 comments on “Money to Burn

  1. dap916 says:

    With our state laying off teachers and our state struggling to continue to live within our balanced budget requirements in our constitution, why in the world we we even CONSIDER such an expenditure? Maybe we’re thinking that if Obama wins our state and if Obama is reelected, North Carolina will receive money from the federal government that will help pay for this. Who knows what they’re thinking. Spending seems to be the order of the day in government today in the U.S….and in the states….at least the states that are led by democratic leaders. Is there anyone on the left that wonders where in the heck the money is going to come from to pay for all of these kinds of things in a down economy with just such a reduced amount of tax revenue?

    I don’t know…is this also supported by republicans? If so…I just have to shake my head.

    My God…y’all.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    yes we can
    1945 to 1980 we taxed wealth and estates to pay off WWII debt.
    Now, we need the same to Pay off the “Republican” debt.
    We have an income of 14,000B.
    2013 budget calls for 2900B in revenue and 900B in deficit.
    A shame that a nation with 14,000B income borrows 900B on a 3800B Budget.
    We rank #4 on Inequality in OECD nations and above only Chile and Mexico as Least taxed.
    In Federal-State and Local taxes we tax 27% of our GDP..
    Since 1980, our tax rates have been cut to favor the wealthy.
    Top 50% take 86% of individual income and pay a 12.5% Tax Rate
    70,000,000 take 14% and all pay the full payroll tax.
    The top 400 are billionaires. Some pay no payroll tax.
    Most pay less than 1%.

    We MUST go back to taxing Estates and Wealth at higher rates.
    One family has more wealth than 90% of families.

    We can balance our budget and pay off our debt which will give the middle class a larger share of our wealth and an improved standard of living. clarence swinney

  3. clarence swinney says:

    Republicans slash taxes for the middle class? Like Bush Tax Cuts?
    Top 1% got 37.6%–Top 5% got 48.3%
    Bottom 60% got 16.4%. Luckie duckies?

    Republicans will not be satisfied until we pass Chile and Mexico as Least taxed in oecd nations.
    We rank third. We take 27% of gdp in federal-state-local taxes. Rank 4th on Inequality.
    Top 50% take 86% of individual income. 70,000,000 get 14% yet pay full payroll tax out of measly income.

    In 2011, Corporate paid 12.1% Tax Rate yet scream 35% rate is highest in world cut it cut cut it.

    2013 budget calls for taxes of 2900B and borrow 900B. Dumb. Our income is 14,000B yet we borrow 900B? That is 900B the richest will keep in their pocket. Since 1980, We borrowed 15,000 Billion
    and did not tax enough which allowed rich to get very rich.

    It will take a tax system like 1945-1980 that paid down WWII debt. It will take decades.
    We CAN do it. Remember the great domestic growth even with those high tax rates?
    We Must do it. The rich have taken us to the cleaners. War. Cut Tax. Huh?

    Bush huge tax cut assisted in our debt going from 5800 to 11,900 Billion. Doubled.
    Clinton last budget ended 9-30-01 with 5800B of debt. Bush last budget ended 9-30-09 with 11,900B of debt.

    From 1980–2009, three Republican presidents and Debt grew by 9000B. It has grown
    by 4100B under Obama three budgets. But! About one-third is from Bush three “New” programs.
    CBO study revealed that 2001-2010 Bush “new” programs created 5100B of debt.

    We MUST cut spending in Defense And Medicare plus increase revenue from taxes on rich estates and incomes. Is it not sad that one family owns more wealth than 90% of families. Tax rates 1945-10980 would have prevented it. The Great middle Class needs a break. clarence swinney

  4. Mark Turner says:

    Carter, even if you have to go kicking and screaming we’re going to drag you into the 21st century.

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