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There was an article in the New York Times the other morning by a fellow named Max Boot who works with the influential Council on Foreign Relations. Mr. Boot’s got the war in Libya all figured out. He says he’s wanted the United States to attack Libya for weeks and finally Obama’s done exactly what he wanted but instead of being elated he’s worried.
What’s Mr. Boot worried about?
He’s worried the rebels may not defeat Gadhafi’s army, he’s worried about how to set up a post Gadhafi state, and he’s worried the bad guys will take over and send Islamic fanatics to fight in Iraq.
There are bad guys among the rebels? Somebody should have told us that before we started bombing Libya.
Anyway, Mr. Boot has a solution: He says we should send in the Marines, then, he adds, all that remains to be done is sending a long-term international peace keeping force for maybe a decade or two.
Libya’s beginning to sound more and more like Iraq and Afghanistan.


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One comment on “The New York Times… on Libya

  1. dap916 says:

    The reactions to America’s efforts in Libya and to President Obama’s speech last night are extremely interesting. What is shocking me, I guess, is that on just about every left-leaning, liberal/progressive site out there in blogosphere, Obama is taking a beating. Oh, sure, there are some token efforts to defend Obama and “explain” what he did with getting us involved in this thing and, of course, to “explain” what he said last night. Otherwise, most lefties are absolutely livid about this. I’ve even seen one poster on one of the sites call Obama “Bush II on steroids”. Another called Obama “Bush-lite”….in a very negative way.

    Well…at least it’s far enough away from the elections in 2012 for these folks to forgive and forget…Obama and his handlers will find a way as the election draws closer for him to look more “progressive” and so forth.

    The LAST think Obama will do is “send in the marines”. That would be one huge, rusty nail in his political coffin. He’s not THAT stupid….

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