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A Civitas Institute critic of Smart Start has twisted himself into an interesting position.
In an N&O op-ed, Andrew Henson acknowledges that “early child care investment has proven to have an effect on children’s lives and should be a key priority for the legislature.”
He then proceeds to argue that Smart Start, which Governor Hunt and the legislature (including Republicans) deliberately set up outside government, could be better run if only government were in charge:

“For example, if the local Department of Social Services administered Smart Start’s child care subsidies (DSS already administers about 80 percent of child care subsidies through the Division of Child Development), millions of dollars could be saved, providing hundreds more children with access to affordable child care.”

Unless I’m wrong (and I doubt that), it’s the first time in recorded history that an entity of the vast John Locke Foundation empire has argued that government can do something best.


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2 comments on “A Stunning Turn of Events

  1. Carbine says:

    I saw the report, but I must have missed the part where Henson said that having the government in charge of child care was the “best” solution. Perhaps I was distracted by Henson making the point that Smart Start has been run so poorly that even state government entities like DSS could have done a better job.

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