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A political tsunami brings ashore strange creatures from the deep. Witness some of the Republicans in the legislature.
A serious Senator, Neal Hunt, comes up with a good idea that could repair burnt bridges for Republicans: pardon Reconstruction Governor W.W. Holden, who was impeached for standing up to the Ku Klux Klan.
But then there’s an uprising by the “Save-your-Confederate-money-boys, the-South-is-going-to-rise again” crowd.
Hunt has to stage a strategic retreat.
Speaking of Confederate money, Rep. Glen Bradley then proposes that North Carolina adopt its own currency.
Maybe we should lob a few shells into Fort Bragg to show those Yankees how we feel about abandoning the gold standard.
A TAPster (that’s my new term for readers who offer blog tips; their reward is a draft beer on me) reports that in one episode of the Andy Griffith Show (“A Black Day for Mayberry,” look for it on YouTube), Gomer gets tricked into holding up a sign reading: “Down With the Gold Standard.”
Some days, not even Andy and Gomer can compete with the legislative reality show.



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One comment on “Washed Up

  1. GlenBradley says:

    It may have been helpful to actually read House Bill 448, the “Constitutional Tender Act” before just repeating the misinformation provided by the Raleigh News and Observer. This legislation simply recognizes the US Constitution Article 1 Section 10 as effective in the State of North Carolina, thus recognizing that struck silver and gold should be considered tender within the state.

    Th primary purpose here is to prevent currency exchanges from being taxed, allowing citizens the ability to hedge against a collapsing dollar, and then to exchange for goods without exchanging into dollars first.

    It does not in any way, shape, or form create a new “North Carolina Currency” nor does it supplant the US Federal Reserve Notes.

    They say that a lie can travel the world over while the truth is still putting it’s shoes on. Until the N&O published this blatant misrepresentation, I had never seen that in action first-hand.

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