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When you watch the politicians arguing on CNN and FOX about the FISA Memos you can’t make heads or tails of what’s going on.

To Republicans their Memo proves the FBI used political research paid for by Democrats to get a warrant to wiretap the Trump campaign – or one-time Trump advisor, Carter Page – which Sean Hannity branded “one giant incestuous circle of corruption.”

Democrats, on the other hand, believe Republicans have manufactured a political sham to torpedo the FBI to help Trump.

Five years ago, in 2013, the FBI wiretapped three Russian spies in New York City who were trying to recruit American agents – and one of the people the Russians tried to recruit, by dangling energy deals in front of him, was Carter Page.

When the FBI busted the spy ring, two Russians were expelled, the third, who didn’t have diplomatic immunity, went to jail, and Carter Page told the FBI he had no idea the Russian he’d been talking to was a spy.

Next, in 2016, sitting in a room full of editors from the Washington Post, Donald Trump was asked, Who’re your foreign policy experts? He mentioned five people and one was Carter Page. After Page’s name appeared in the Post, the Russians invited him to Moscow to give a speech.

To Democrats, it looks like the FBI tapped Carter Page’s phone to find out if the Russians were trying to recruit him again. But to Republicans it looks like the FBI played politics, following the Democrats’ line, looking for a connection between the Russians and the Trump campaign.


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