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Joe Biden’s book, “Promise Me, Dad,” is pure Biden: warm, heart-wrenching and, though short, pure-Biden windy. It reminds you what a great human being Uncle Joe is, what a great Vice President he was – and why he shouldn’t run for President.

There’s something of a Biden boom now, especially among my old white male Democratic pals. Biden leads some polls for 2020. Certain Democrats are certain Biden would have trounced Trump last time and will next time.

Not so fast, my friends. 

The Democratic Party and the country need a fresh face and a new voice in 2020. Lord knows we’ll be tired of Trump’s face and mouth. And we’ll want a younger face than 70-somethings like Biden, Warren and Sanders.

Biden was a disaster both times he ran for President, in 1988 and 2008. His undoing was his gift of gab – an endearing quality, until Joe goes on too long, talks himself into trouble or, as in 1988, steals somebody else’s speech word for word.

He has a big problem in the age of #MeToo. He was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee that put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. He was too easy on Thomas and too dismissive of Anita Hill.

That’s three strikes, Joe. Not to mention that by 2020 you’ll have been a creature of Washington and Congress for 50 years.

We love you, Joe. We love your book, we love your love of family, and we love your heart and heart-on-your-sleeve humanity. We love you for all you did for Obama – and for America. But we promise you, Joe: We need to move on.


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