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When the Democrats sued the Republicans over redistricting I thought we might be treated to see a bit of grand political theatre with Republicans arguing for the Voting Rights Act (which they hate) and Democrats arguing against it (even though they’ve been in love with it for four decades).
It’s a disappointment but no such thing happened.
In fact, there’s not much difference at all between the Democrats’ plan and the Republicans’ plan. Both praise the Voting Rights Act. Both ‘pack’ districts. Both create Majority-Minority districts. There’s hardly a thing they disagree about except how many of those ‘packed’ districts there should be. Democrats say 35. Republicans say 41.
That’s it. That’s all they’re fighting over. Six districts.
The only other irony is the Democrats arguing that Barack Obama’s Justice Department approved a redistricting plan that discriminates against African-Americans.


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2 comments on “The Democrats File a Dud

  1. dap916 says:

    Almost everything I see from the “left” in the way of race is about blacks. But, at least in NC, race needs to be more than just about blacks. Hispanics in our state are becoming a very big bloc of people…both illegals, of course, and legal voters. I am bummed that we just see the left bitching and moaning about how blacks are disadvantaged and not treated “fairly” and are underpriviliged and such. The left/democrats here in our state seem to ignore that voting entity that would/could be very favorable for them. Seems a bit “racist” to me…but, that’s just me. One thing I’ve learned in my many, many years of existance…blacks and hispanics are a lot like oil and water. Sure, there are exceptions…but, I’m thinkin’ that has a lot to do with the democrat’s impetus in that respect.

  2. Carbine says:

    This is a perfect example of a frivolous lawsuit. The Democrats don’t have a legal leg to stand on and they know it. The law clearly requires legislatures in the designated areas to draw minority-majority districts when possible, and the Republicans have done that.

    African Americans need to understand that what the Democrats are doing here is telling the court, ‘It’s more important that we have districts designed to elect Democrats, even if they are white, than it is to have districts designed to elect blacks.’ They are arguing that the law created to insure fair representation of a racial minority ought to be set aside in favor of helping an unpopular party retain a few seats in the legislature.

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