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After Senator Richard Burr and former Senator Elizabeth Dole endorsed Mitt Romney, a reporter asked: Do endorsements matter? Answer: Not to voters, but definitely to politicians and reporters.
No voter who is torn between, say, Romney and Newt Gingrich will think: “Gee, I don’t know who to vote for. So I’ll just vote for the person Elizabeth Dole endorses.”
It’s a perception game – the perception of momentum. Romney wants endorsements because he desperately wants to avoid an extended fight for the nomination. He especially needs validation in the South. Born-again, conservative Republicans don’t take kindly to Mormons and Massachusetts moderates.
For Burr, it means a ticket to the running-mate sweepstakes. That’s why he endorsed now; waiting for the North Carolina primary in May could be too late.
It’s not a bad bet for Burr. Romney will have a pick a Southerner for VP. Possible choices include Burr, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, South Carolina Governor Nicki Haley and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.


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2 comments on “Burr for VP?

  1. dap916 says:

    That was excellent….truly dead on, I think. Of course, it’s assuming that Romney will be the nominee and even though on the Newt train, I can see that Mitt has a lot of steam of his own going forward. It’s still a “who knows” game. I think most candidates believe that endorsements are more about “how many” rather than “who”.

    I think Marco Rubio wins out in your scenario (with Mitt being the nominee). Southerner AND Hispanic AND from that all-important state of Florida. That combination kinda trumps those you’ve listed. Burr? Only time we hear much from him here in NC is when he’s up for re-election or he’s having a fund raiser somewhere.

  2. Carbine says:

    Romney could do a lot worse than Burr. He’s a smart, decent, practical conservative who understands people and politics, and could make a good president someday. His selection should also solidify North Carolina for the Republican ticket and help drum up conservative enthusiasm (though Marco Rubio would go further along those lines, and help with an even bigger state).

    There’s no chance whatsoever he’d consider Nicki Haley, given all the bad press she’s earned for herself in South Carolina. The press would have a field day with her, and he’s going to win South Carolina anyway.

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