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Coming out of a meeting over in the state legislature Senate Kingpin Marc Basnight ran head on into a gaggle of reporters and right off someone asked if it wasn’t a bit underhanded for Basnight to appropriate $25 million for a new fishing pier at Nags Head and then have his own construction company build it.
 No sir, Basnight said, There wasn’t one thing wrong with that.
Why not, the reporter asked.
Because, Basnight said, He hadn’t had a thing to do with Basnight Construction in ten or fifteen years.
What’s more, Basnight added, Last August when his cousin Jimmy had told him the company was going to bid to work on the new pier he (Senator Basnight) had uprightly and immediately resigned as President of the company.
Resigned, that is, as President of a company he’d just said he hadn’t had anything to do with for fifteen years.
About an hour later from after Basnight’s perspective things went from bad to worse.
Researchers at the Civitas Institute issued a ‘Research White Paper’ that showed Basnight Construction Company was awarded a contract to work on the pier nine months before Basnight resigned.
So Basnight’s been President of a company for fifteen years – but he now says hasn’t had anything to do with it; and he told the press he resigned before the company bid on building the pier – but now it turns out his company got the contract months before he resigned.
Well as the comedian on television used to say, that’s his story and he’s sticking to it.


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6 comments on “That's His Story…

  1. -1 says:

    Why haven’t we heard from NCGOP on this issue? It smells.

  2. -1 says:

    He is a liar. He executed a Deed of Trust on property owned by Basnight Construction Company 3 1/2 yrs ago as PRESIDENT of the company.

    And he’s signed annual reports, as recently as 2008, as President.

    What will it take for this joker to get ousted?

    WILL the Raleigh N&O FINALLY take notice of this?

  3. -1 says:

    What it will take for someone to oust this guy is some real investigative journalism. What we see are the people iin the news sending out their own press releases and newspapers printing what they send with no discernible investigation.
    How is it there was no investigation when he began to clear the scene of Basnights Lone Cedar Restaurant in Nags Head the same day there was questionable fire? How were they able to have architect plans in place to begin building and have the building up within 90 days? And is he going to say that he is not a part of that business either?

  4. -1 says:

    I smell something fishy. Like you said, it’s his story and hopefully it will not become history.

  5. -1 says:

    Crazy things that oliticians are doing these days. You’d think they’d learn…but no.

  6. -1 says:

    Crazy things that oliticians are doing these days. You’d think they’d learn…but no.

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