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Once you get past the dishing about Sarah Palin, John Edwards, et al in the book Game Change, you learn a few things.
Like about President Obama.
That he’s like a basketball player who wants the ball when the game is on line.
That he has supreme confidence he can rise to the moment.
That he especially has confidence he can give a speech that changes the game.
He came through throughout his campaign – the speech on race, his performance in the fall debates, his cool response to the economic meltdown that caused John McCain to melt down.
Can he do it tonight?
One caution: Don’t rush to instant judgment tonight or tomorrow. Wait a few days. Instant analysis often proves wrong later.
Bill Clinton’s first State of the Union after the 1994 election – which lasted about 17 hours, as I recall – was panned at first.
Later, it turned out that Americans watched it all. And liked it.
Two weeks ago, Scott Brown was a game-changer.
Tonight, the reigning king takes his shot.


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7 comments on “Prime Time Player?

  1. -1 says:

    Obama is a charlitan.Almost everyone knows that now.

  2. -1 says:

    “Obama is a charlitan (sic).Almost everyone knows that now.”

    Really? That statement would come as a surprise to the 50% who polls indicate currently approve of his job performance. And to the larger number who still like the guy personally but are waiting for him to deliver on more that is important to them before they are willing to say they approve of his job performance.

    Many people are disappointed with Obama for many reasons. I agree with some of those criticisms. But people saw the incompetent way the Republicans exercised power when it was entrusted to them. And they can see that the Republicans are offering nothing but obstructionism today. They have nothing to offer for the future.

    A great many people are waiting to see something from Obama they don’t feel they have seen yet. But they haven’t run for the exits.

    The jury is still out and that’s why the SOTU tonight is so important. When the game is on the line the real competitors always want the ball. That’s when it is really fun.

  3. -1 says:

    Dan-you have obviously drunk the kool aide.

  4. -1 says:

    That’s your problem, Mr. Pearce – you don’t see that Obama is not a king, and he does not reign over a kingdom, complete with serfs to do his bidding. That may be his attitude towards his constitutents, but the American people are getting sick & tired of being treated with contempt by the Narcissist-in-Chief and the rest of the unholy trinity – Rahmbo & Axelrod. What Obama will say at the SOTU is really irrelevant – he has made a habit of saying lots of things & making lots of promises that he had no intention of keeping. That’s the problem with cynical Alinsky-esque thinking – the end always justifies the means – lying works, so why not lie?

    Now, while everyone is talking about the SOFU speech, the deficit, and the death throes of the socialist health care plan, what is really going on at the WH? Lots of political machinations, I am sure, with Mr. Plouffe back in the saddle. Crack those whips, you SEIU boys – bring out the batons, New Black Panthers – the stupid yahoos who like Palin & Brown & Rubio don’t know what’s good for them.

    Just wait til the 2010 elections … ACORN & the other nutty non-profits and unions will be out bullying, vote-buying & plagiarizing in full force.

    Mr. Pearce – all due respect – but you moderate/Clinton Democrats are in way over your heads with Obama. He is a radical leftist – he will absolutely not go Clinton and move to the center – although he may feint – his ego and his ideology won’t allow it.

    Another huge difference I see between Obama & Clinton – the latter, like Jim Hunt, actually liked the great unwashed masses. I could see Hunt & Clinton perfectly at home at a Waffle House, chatting up the cook & waitress. But Obama has a certain contemptuous attitude towards those whom he thinks just aren’t smart enough to realize that he is God (which means 99.9999999% of the populace).

    I never thought I’d say this – but Clinton looks like Reagan compared to Obama.

  5. -1 says:

    This guy is promoted as a great speaker? When he has to use a TELEPROMPTER to speak to elementary school children? What a laugh.

  6. -1 says:

    You got one thing right, he thinks he is a KING.

  7. -1 says:

    He certainly is full of himself. I thought his speech was arrogant and condescending. His attack on the Supreme Court in that setting was inexcusable; to compound it with an easily uncovered lie (the decision very pointedly did NOT open the floodgates of foreign corporate money into American campaigns) was just baffling. How stupid does he think the average American is?

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