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Congressman Brad Miller is never the happiest of warriors. But this year could raise his angst to new levels.
Miller worries in the Greensboro News & Record that – thanks to the Supreme Court’s corporate-campaign ruling – he might be the target of bank-sponsored attacks.
“I’ve made a real nuisance of myself to the most financially powerful industry in the United States,” Miller told Mark Binker.
Banks wouldn’t be his only worry. He’s also got Carter Wrenn running Bernie Reeve’s campaign against him.
Democrats facing Carter always ask me: “What’s he going to do?” Like it’s a mystery.
Carter will do the voodoo he always does.
Bernie’s campaign will do the research, they’ll raise the money, and Carter will have Bernie chewing on Brad’s leg from the get-go.
Memo to Brad: Don’t sit around waiting for it. Get going now. Define Bernie before he defines you.
Miller should win his race. After all, he drew up his own district.
But he won’t be having a lot of fun.


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2 comments on “Brad, Bernie and the Banks

  1. -1 says:

    Brad has created skeletons that are easy to find and easy to expose. Why do you think BR is running. You know this so don’t be shocked when the media is forced to report what it knows.

  2. -1 says:

    I hope Mr. Wren remembers Miller vote for taxpayer abortions in the health care bill.
    He voted for carp and tax, that the treasury department said would cost a family of four about $1700 per year!
    I campaigned and voted for Miller.
    I hope he gets his ass kicked!
    Of course the far left liberal NR loves Miller, are any other tax and spend candidate.
    Maybe Mr. Wren can get help from the tea party folks.
    When we went to Washington, one man had a sign with Pelosi butt showing and Miller saying which side do I kiss today.
    The folks cheered like crazy.

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