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The logical reaction to Governor Perdue’s statement about suspending elections is “what was she thinking?” Fair enough.
But the really nutty statements came from what one reporter called “the black helicopter crowd.” Like:
Fox News: “NC Governor Recommends Suspending Democracy to Focus on Jobs.”
Think Progress: “North Carolina Governor Proposes Ignoring Constitution.”
Powerline: “Democrats Emerge From Closet, Oppose Democracy.” Then the lead: “How many Democrats are National Socialists at heart? Quite a few, I suspect, and every now and then the Democrats’ totalitarian urges break through to the surface.”
Of course, Fox and the right-wing websites are in the business of inflaming people. Politicians, on the other hand, need a scalpel rather than a meat cleaver in situations like this. To switch metaphors, when your opponent is shooting herself in the foot, you should stay out of the line of fire.
Pat McCrory demonstrated a certain clunkiness:
“Not only does this bizarre commentary suggest ignoring the Constitution, but does Governor Perdue forget her own inability to work with the Legislature, regardless if controlled by Democrats or Republicans? Governor, those in glass houses should not throw stones. We look forward to all of the upcoming elections in North Carolina in 2012.”
Senator Phil Berger got the tone right with what seemed to be tongue-in-cheek statement: ““In light of Gov. Perdue’s support for suspending Congressional elections, I want to state clearly, on the record, that I do NOT support suspending our next gubernatorial election.”


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4 comments on “Suspending Sanity

  1. Johnnie Boomer says:

    Does anyone actually think the Gov. would want to leave the Boehner guys in charge for 2 more years without a fight?

  2. dap916 says:

    This one has gone viral, Gary. The rightwing radio talk shows have been all over it. National news media has been all over it. Blogsites that represent both liberal/progressives (dems) and conservatives/teaparty (repubs) have been all abuzz about it. The left is doing its level damnest to make this into just a joke Bev was making and the right is playing the audio of it over and over and over and asking the question: “does this sound like she’s joking or wasn’t serious?”. If I didn’t know better, I’d say all the rightwing outlets got together and came up with that :-).

    To me, it’s embarrassing. It makes North Carolinians look like a bunch of idiotic country bumpkins for having actually electing Perdue in the first place. The silver lining for a conservative republican like me is that despite many democrats’ belief that this won’t hurt her in her re-election bid, they’re very wrong about that. This will haunt her from now until November, 2012 (among many other things, I might add).

  3. dap916 says:

    Talking about blogs…what has happened to them lately? TAP has a few posters that come here now and then when it used to be an extremely active, well-visited site with a huge amount of participation. BlueNC has become a total and complete joke. What do that have there posting now? James, Steve and possibly 5 or 6 others? When I was “doin’ my thing” there, it had an enormous amount of activity. Daily Kos is still pretty active, but they recently had this big rift that caused a kind of boycott and now it has about half the regulars posting there. Maybe blogs are just playing out. I miss the banter, to be honest. Maybe a bunch of blogsters have had very complicated things happen to them like happened to me, who knows. Good luck to you and Carter.

  4. Carbine says:

    After years of hearing the left-wing media rant about mistatements, factual errors, and verbal slips of conservative figures, it is hilarious to see the painful contortions liberal mouthpieces are now being put through because of gov’nr dumpln’s idiotic freudian slip.

    People understand that what that remark gave them was a glimpse into Perdue’s political soul. She, like so many on the left, think that the people are just too stupid to govern themselves. She sees elections as bothersome, ‘neccessary evils’ that must be gone along with to obtain the power that they believe is rightfully theirs anyway. That’s why they have no moral compunction about lying and cheating to get their way. The evidence for that has been leaking out through their actions for years. This is the first time a promenient leftist has let the truth about her thinking slip out in an unguarded moment.

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