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The hot topic in Raleigh today is Governor Perdue’s comment – or joke, or quip, or gaffe – about postponing congressional elections. The Drudge Report went to DefCon 5. Local and national reporters called: “Is this a real problem for her? Is this part of a pattern? Is this a big story?” Insuring, of course, that it’s a big story.
Let’s get a grip. I doubt she was seriously calling for cancelling elections or advocating overthrow of the government. I’m sure Republican operatives and conservative websites are hyping it. And I bet she regrets saying it.
This all illustrates the risks politicians face every day when they open their mouths. One slip of the lip and – zip! – you’ve gone viral.
For perspective, Governor Perdue should consult former Congressman Bob Etheridge, who became famous with his “Who are you?” video sensation on YouTube.
I’m reminded of the long-ago press conference when Governor Hunt stepped into it by saying something should be done about “wild and crazy” groups like the Communist Party and the Ku Klux Klan. Duane Powell did a great cartoon of his fellow speakers fleeing the podium and me jumping out the window.
Hunt survived, but the world is different today.
Here’s what Perdue should do: Go on camera, right now. Don’t put it off, don’t delay and don’t hope it all goes away. Just face the music and say, “I was expressing my frustration with Congress, and I said something dumb. Forgive me. Get over it. Get back to work.”


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One comment on “Perdue's "Joke"

  1. SimpleOne says:

    Yeah, she was just joking and said a dumb thing. She’s the Gov right? She’s just suggesting usurping the US Const and that’s just a dumb thing? If she takes your advice sir, she’ll be going from dumb to dumber. Dems should be so embarrassed (I am as a citizen)!

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