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Sometimes all you have to do is repeat a politician’s own words. Like Senator Bob Rucho’s tweet: “Justice Robert’s pen & Obamacare has done more damage to the USA then the swords of the Nazis,Soviets & terrorists combined.”
(Note to grammar cops: Yes, his tweet said “has,” not “have” and “then,” not “than.”)
It appears from Rucho’s Twitter profile that the tweet was posted at 4:41 am Sunday. Maybe he was hacked. Or maybe 4:41 am is not a good time to be tweeting. You’re up either too early or too late.
This gives Democrats an opportunity. They can ask random Republicans: Do you agree with Senator Rucho?
First let’s ask state GOP Chair Claude Pope. He has shown he does not tolerate comparisons to Nazis.
Pope pounced this summer when columnist and UNC-TV host D.G. Martinmade an oblique reference to Nazis in a column about North Carolina politics.
Pope called Martin’s column “inexcusable, disgusting and shameful.” He called on UNC-TV to suspend Martin’s show, lest his comments “damage the reputation of an otherwise upstanding organization.”
“It’s a shame that UNC-TV televises such a divisive, toxic personality with our taxpayer funds,” he went on. “We call on UNC-TV to suspend this program while they evaluate their relationship with their host who made such an outrageous and damaging comparison. Such divisive hyperbole only serves to confuse and trivialize issues that are important to North Carolinians, who all deserve a formal apology.”
Both Carter and I posted blogs pointing out how much of a stretch it was to say D.G. had compared Republicans to Nazis.  Carter wrote, “Ole Claude, out of paranoia, foolishness, or a plain mean streak, indulged in a fact twist.”
Nevertheless, D.G. stood up and said: “I’m very sorry that I offended some people, and I apologize. Period.”
Will Claude Pope hold Senator Rucho to the same standard to which he held D.G.? Will any big-name Republican have the courage say Rucho went too far? Will Rucho apologize?
We’re all atwitter with anticipation.


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3 comments on “Rucho’s Tweet

  1. dap916 says:

    I like your presentation on this stupid tweet by Rucho better than the coverage of it on BlueNC. But, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing it here. After all, we are seeing a whole lot of things lately here that are also presented by BlueNC. Are you guys getting low on material and have to look at each other’s posts to get ideas for things to say?

    I’m no “big-name Republican”, but I don’t have a problem saying Rucho went too far. There seems to be an epidemic of foot-in-mouth disease going around for politicians, doesn’t it?

  2. Reaganite says:

    Technically, it is probably correct, when you consider the words ”to the USA”. If you counted the damage inflicted on Europe, on the other hand (which this post does not), then it would be a real stupid comparison. Either way, it is not politically smart. The old slogan ”caution, put brain in gear before engaging mouth” should be expanded these days to the keyboard.

    Comments like this obscure the fact that Obamacare is based squarely on classic fascist economic theory, as it Cap and Trade.

  3. Choo says:

    With out the Nazis reference I do think Obama and Justice Roberts have done damage to freedom in America. It is a shame we have to use such outlandish statements to state a simple thought. As for grammar police, I had rather be on the correct side of freedom and be ignorant. There are many scholars in communist nations, who don’t have the freedom we have here.

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