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Don’t underestimate the chances that people who think like Bob Rucho might control Congress a year from now.
Behind Rucho’s tweet and the budget battle in Washington is a death match between the Tea Party and the GOP Establishment.  If the Tea Party wins that war, and if Obamacare sinks Democrats in November, the Tea Party could end up in charge. Compared to what will come after that, the Gingrich-Clinton battles of the late 1990s will look like a, well, tea party.
So if you’re tempted to dismiss today’s right-wing rants and tweets, heed the warning signs.
Yes, Rucho’s tweet was condemned by Establishment Republicans like state Chair Claude Pope (one TAPster said: “He reads your blog!”) andSenator Jeff Tarte, who is Speaker Thom Tillis’ friend, neighbor and political ally. But Tea Party leaders leapt to Rucho’s defense, and what he said is right down the Tea Party-Fox News party line.
Then there is the PPP poll finding that Kentucky Republicans say they like Rand Paul (Tea Party) better than Mitch McConnell (Establishment) by a 59-27 margin.
Then there is Senator Richard Burr’s flip-flop on the bipartisan budget compromise. Politico reported that “North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, a close friend of (Speaker John) Boehner’s, said last week he’d vote to advance the deal, but on Monday he changed course and decided to sustain a filibuster, a spokesman said.”
Democrats underestimated the Republican right wing before: After the Goldwater debacle in 1964. Then Ronald Reagan came along and almost derailed Nixon in 1968. Eventually, the right wing took over the GOP and then the White House and Congress.
It can happen again.


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2 comments on “Republican Vs. Republican

  1. dap916 says:

    There is no doubt that the Republican party today is in disarray. There are two factions within the party. One is aptly called the “establishment” and the other is branded the “Tea Party” but actually it should be called the “fundamental conservative” party. The establishment folks want to maintain the status quo…keep their positions within the current organization and fight against what used to be just simple “democrats”. They haven’t caught on to the fact that the democratic party has become filled with radical socialists that are interested in changing America into a “nanny state” paid for by those that still work hard to achieve and weather the storms of failure and hard times by living by the saying: “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”. That philosophy, to them, is ignorant and unfair because in a country as wonderful as America, no one should have to go through that. The fundamental conservative folks know that nothing is certain in America and everyone in America has a chance to succeed if only they’re willing to go through the tough times and succeed if they just work hard and get back on the horse even if they fall off, so to speak. They feel that success and gaining wealth isn’t something that should be degraded but honored and lauded.

    So, the two “philosophies” within the Republican party are butting heads. It’s good news for the new democrats. They smell blood and rightly so. If republicans continue to fight within themselves, the democratic party wins. We don’t live in Reagan’s America anymore…nor Goldwater’s America…in fact, we don’t live in ANY past republican notable’s America today. Our country has changed. It is becoming more and more socialistic by the day. It’s happening so fast that republicans from both sides have been caught unprepared.

    Gary, Rand Paul isn’t going to be the party nominee (I could be wrong and I hope I am). Remember I said that here. I sure WISH he would, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. He’s just FAR too conservatively radical for the mainstream republican party. The establishment republicans are going to win out with an exception here and there, of course, I fear. A good conservative republican friend of mine who is now a “TAPster” by the name of Dan Almashy told me a week or so ago that Paul and others running as Tea Party types scare the hell out of him because he believes they will break up our party so badly that we will eventually lose the House and lose more seats in the Senate. Again, I might be all wrong on that. I can’t see into the future. I pray I am, in fact, wrong.

    Can’t say I totally disagreed with him. Wish I knew the answer for we Republicans. The future sure doesn’t look good for our country if we republicans can’t get our party together…that’s a given, I’m afraid.

  2. Choo says:

    Gary, so true, for more proof, look at what happened to the Democrat Party, got taken over by the socialist.

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