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Richard Burr better hope that debate performances have little impact on the November election – or get better fast.
A lawyer friend (I’m not sure if she’s a Democrat or Republican) went to the Burr-Marshall debate last week at the N.C. Bar Association.
Her take: Marshall was stronger than she expected – and Burr much, much weaker.
In fact, his performance – smiling, aw-shucking and not saying much substantive – reminded her of George W. Bush. That is, clueless.


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3 comments on “Richard W. Burr?

  1. -1 says:

    You must be nuts if you think Marshalls leftist drivel will win this Nov.She and it are toast.She will get the black vote and the moochers but the working people see you and the rest of the leftist are robbing them and their childrens future.Get ready for a good ole country butt whooping.

  2. -1 says:

    Burr-Marshall-Beitler. I know no “respectable” consultant is willing to acknowledge the Libertarian Party’s existence, but that doesn’t mean it actually ceases to exist.

    Frankly, Beitler sounded more reasonable than Marshall and more substantive than Burr.

  3. -1 says:

    Marshall made too many ad hominem accusations. IMHO, Marshall sounded like a whiner.

    Stick to the issues.

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