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Elaine Marshall has to make a tough choice: raise money from Raleigh lobbyists or not.
She already took flak for it in the primary. Her defense: It wasn’t much money, and the donors were old friends.
Now that she’s won, it could be a lot more money. And a lot more flak.
If she were running for reelection, she couldn’t legally take the money. And the proposed Senate ethics bill prohibits raising money from people you regulate.  As Secretary of State, she regulates not just lobbyists, but ALL corporations in North Carolina.
Some people in Raleigh view this as a fundamental conflict in her decision to stay as Secretary of State and run for Senate.
The upside for her is that, no matter what happens in November, she has a job.
The downside is the scrutiny that will come.
She got a taste of it by attending the Democratic Party fundraiser this week. Her campaign needs to recognize there’s more trouble where that came from.


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5 comments on “Marshalling Money

  1. -1 says:

    Question already answered.Marshall was at the NC dem headquarters last night at their fundraiser shaking down lobbyist.Perdue sneaked in the back door.Fetzer has her dead to rights and she should be prosecuted and the elections board indicted.

  2. -1 says:

    Until there is meaningful election reform, this kind of thing is going to going on in both camps. We’re fooling ourselves if we think there is much difference between dems and repubs when it comes to raising money for elections.

    I stand on the wrong side of my party’s beliefs here I think in that I advocate some sort of Voter Owned Election system. I do not know how to best implement that or how it can be done without costing taxpayers more money than it is worth, but still…..

  3. -1 says:

    “anonymous,” you may stand on the wrong side of the Constitution too, if by Voter Owned Elections you mean limits on how much a candidate (or anyone else, for that matter) may spend on political speech. And if you mean doling out the people’s hard-earned tax dollars to candidates for office, you’re probably on the wrong side of the the people there as well.

  4. -1 says:

    Yes…I know. I don’t want to infringe on the 1st amendment nor do I want to use tax dollars (as I stated in my post)…but I do want some sort of Voter Owned funding, somehow, some way. I know, I know…It’s a pipe dream and not probably do-able…but there’s a lot of graft and corruption in how campaigns are financed now-a-days.

    Maybe if the law was actually ENFORCED when there was corruption found in elections, it’s be a bunch better. Guess while Holder is in, he’s proven he’s not interested in enforcing anything wrong found in elections….at least not when there’s something racial goin’ on and, of course, when the violation actually helped the democratic party.

    We’ve just seen so much corruption in the past couple decades goin’ on in elections and in a whole lot of other things that it’d be nice if some of it got cleaned up by those that are SUPPOSED to clean it up with regard to race or political persuasion etc.

  5. -1 says:

    Here’s an idea–in China, officials convicted of corruption are sometimes executed. Personally I can’t think of many offenses worse than official corruption. When elected officials break the law to advance their own (or their party’s) interests, they deny the people the rights their revolutionary forefathers earned on their behalf. To me that’s a crime against democracy itself, and I can see where in some cases it might be worth a sit-down in the electric chair (or a needle). I’m thinking Jim Black (and Decker, and the two ‘Republican’ Senators who sold out to the lottery).

    As for ‘voter owned’ elections, elections would be owned by voters now if they would simply pony up a little bit each to the candidates they supported. It’s a free country, and there’s nothing stopping them.

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