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A collection of
progressive groups (some even call themselves liberals) says a recent North Carolina poll
found strong public support for some of their issues.

The poll was done by
OnPoint Polling and Research of Raleigh. That’s the group that got the Wake County
school bonds vote right last year.

The most striking

  • More than 60 percent of likely voters
    supported spending “millions of dollars” to provide health insurance for
    uninsured children;
  • And more than 60 percent would support
    a universal health insurance plan like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s in
    California, in which the cost would be shared by taxpayers, insurance
    companies, doctors, hospitals and people who have insurance.

Among groups involved
in the poll were AARP, Academy
of Trial Lawyers
AFL-CIO, Conservation Council, Planned Parenthood and Equality NC.

Other, less
surprising, findings:

  • 87 percent support requiring chemical
    plants to publicize lists of dangerous products they have. (You have to wonder about the 13 percent
    who are opposed.)
  • 69 percent support letting counties
    charge impact fees on developers to help pay for new schools (although
    developers say they have differently worded polls that show the opposite).
  • 64 percent favor making the income tax
    deduction permanent for people who use the North Carolina college savings plan.
  • 62 percent support requiring hog
    farmers to replace lagoons with new technology.
  • 61 percent favor an annual
    cost-of-living adjustment for the minimum wage.

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