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Global Warming has joined ‘the earth is flat’, ‘the sun revolves around the earth’, and ‘disease is caused by humors in the blood’, as a scientific fact. The polar bears are dying, the penguins are going into exile, the seas are rising and the land will disappear beneath a flood greater than Noah’s.

The dilemma this causes most of us is we are not clever enough to judge if the ‘climatologists’ are right or wrong. But a certain natural skepticism (about Nostradamus or anyone else who says with absolute certainty they can predict what will happen a hundred years from now) is natural.

Granted, today’s scientists don’t see visions or read tea-leaves (they use computer models) but when I hear a ‘climatologist’ explaining the blizzard in Baltimore is due to global warming it’s hard not to remember that in the 1960’s prominent scientists were arguing with equal ferocity that the ‘population bomb’ was about to destroy the world, saying ‘the battle to feed all humanity is over… in the 1970’s and 1980’s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in worldwide famines.’

Could it be sixty-years later those scientists have morphed into climatologists?

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