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To show strength, he said he’d ordered an aircraft carrier to sail straight north to North Korea – then the Pentagon released a photograph of the carrier sailing straight south away from Korea.

He pounds the Washington Politicians but, despite his threats, his wall’s stuck in Congress, his immigration plan’s stuck in the courts, and the newspapers taunt him about the cost when he flies to Mar-a-Lago.

He’s happy Ivanka and Jared are with him in the White House but Steve’s fighting with Jared so his peaceful mornings in Trump Towers are a fading memory.

He doesn’t believe in polls but it’s just as well – his base still loves him but he’s kaput with Democrats and wobbling on his last legs with Independents.

He’s hoeing a tough row: He happily opens the newspaper each morning then he reads the press calling him “Rodney Dangerfield” or “Elmer Fudd” – but he’s got no quit in him. He gets knocked down, picks himself up, and climbs back into the ring.


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