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Last year Trump tore into NAFTA. 

And said China was a no-good currency manipulator, NATO was obsolete, Obama’s Iran Agreement was the ‘worst deal ever,’ and Obama’s Paris Climate Change Agreement was a ‘hoax.’

And he said he was going to fix them all and ‘Make America Great’ – and the crowds at his rallies roared ‘Amen.’

Neither Obama’s Climate Deal or Obama’s Iran Deal was a treaty so, after Trump took his hand off the bible and finished saying the oath of office, all he had to do was say the word and they’d be kaput.

But he didn’t.

He also did an about face on NATO, saying it was no longer obsolete. And on China, saying it was not a currency manipulator.

But here’s what’s peculiar: The folks who’d cheered for Trump and attended Trump rallies didn’t give a toot. Let a Congressman or a Washington Politician try to fuzzle them and they’d be screaming for his blood. But when Trump did it they didn’t mind. They went right on cheering.   


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