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Is our long national Obamacare binge winding down?
A veteran Raleigh operative said this week that the folks at home are getting tired of hearing about it. Coincidentally, a Kaiser Health Tracking Poll found that “just over half the public (53 percent) say they’re tired of hearing about the debate over the ACA and want the country to focus more on other issues, while about four in ten (42 percent) say they think it’s important for the country to continue the debate.”
This suggests that Obamacare may not be Republicans’ silver bullet come November. Six months from now, in fact, swing voters may think – just as they did with Clinton’s impeachment in 1998 – that Republicans are focusing too much on the past and not enough on the future.
The Kaiser poll also found negative attitudes about Obamacare declining: “Among the public overall, general opinion of the ACA moved in a more positive direction this month for the first time since November’s post-rollout negative shift in opinion.”
The public is still negative about Obamacare (38 favorable-46 unfavorable), but that’s down from 34-50 unfavorable in January.
All things must pass away. The Republicans victory parade may be passing by.


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8 comments on “Move On

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wish in one hand and do something else in the other and see which one fills up first. Obama Care aint even got started. It has been put off so much it’s real effects have not yet reached the public. It is going to be the gift that just keeps on giving. Hope you don’t have any health issues, this one can cut across party lines.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Obamacare is truly getting to be a tired subject. No doubt about that. I mean, it seems like every day we’re hearing something strange going on with that “law”. I mean, how many times has it been changed by Obama now? How many exemptions have been given out? How many extensions have happened? It’s like watching a bunch of clowns coming out of a Volkswagon in a circus. More and more and more and where it stops, no one knows.

    You, Gary, and the left don’t want to continue to hear about how disastrous this law is. No doubt it’s getting really old for you guys. I mean, even though you show one or two so-called positives happening to a few people because of Obamacare, the negatives and the true costs and the damage it is causing to mainstream Americans trumps those few things in such a big way, not even your own party or your own supporters like the ACA. It’s just a disaster and it’s just so wrong for America and it’s just such a loser for liberal/progressive/democrats that it may very well cause you to lose control of the U.S. Senate this year and many, many state elections to boot.

    Yeah…let’s “move on”. Nothing to see here. It’s getting old to hear about this disaster called Obamacare. If I was a democrat running for office, I’d do what the VAST majority of the democrats running for office are doing right now and avoid ANYTHING to do with either Obama..OR Obamacare.

    Move on? Nah….ain’t gonna happen, mi amigo.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you ought to look at the Washington Post poll this past week. Support for Obamacare has tanked to only 26%.

    Oh, and I am sure you leftwingers would like this issue to go away, but as long as it keeps inflicting the pain on America that it continues to do, it will remain a potent issue.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Obamacare is likely to remain a major issue, and Republicans in North Carolina need to nominate a candidate positioned to be able to use that issue. Due to his Romneycare baggage, our 2012 Presidential nominee took the issue off the table and that hurt our chances of victory. We do not need to make a similar mistake in the 2014 Senate race in North Carolina.

    The one candidate whose record could make this issue unusable against Kay Hagan is Thom Tillis. Not only did Tillis call Obamacare ”a good idea” but he also used his influence as Speaker to ram a bill through the NC House in 2011 to establish a state Obamacare exchange in North Carolina. That bill was fortunately killed in the Senate. If Tillis were the nominee and tried to use Obamacare against Hagan, she could use this ammunition to neutralize that effort. Can you imagine Tillis in a debate with Hagan trying to explain why if Obamacare was so bad, he tried so hard to set up a state Obamacare exchange in North Carolina?

    Another issue that will be critical for Republicans is stopping amnesty for illegal aliens, and Tillis is the one candidate very poorly positioned on that issue as well. The recent Washington Post poll showed that 41% of Independents and 37% of moderates were less likely to support a candidate if he supported a ”pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens, while only 28% of both groups were more likely to support such a candidate. Overall, there was a 12 point electoral penalty with voters for support of a pathway to citizenship (amnesty). Tillis, along with Congresswoman Renee Ellmers is on the wrong side of this issue by supporting a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens. And while it hurts among independents and moderates, it hurts more among the GOP base and those liberal positions on this issue could depress turnout among the GOP base.

    Tillis would be a disaster as a nominee both from his record on Obamacare and his record on amnesty for illegals.

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