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Thom Tillis is already vulnerable over the sex scandal in his office, and he will invite more scandals if he remains Speaker in the short session. Those scandals will be about legislation, campaign contributions and pay-to-play.
It’s obvious why he wants to stay as Speaker: So he can raise money – either for a GOP runoff or for the fall campaign. So everything that happens in the House – every bill, every issue, every vote – will prompt sharp-eyed researchers to see who had a stake in that issue and who gives Tillis money.
If Tillis thinks the sex-scandal ads sting – and boy, do they ever – wait until he sees the pay-to-play ads.
On top of that, Tillis has shown an uncanny gift for turning a negative against him into an even bigger negative against him. Witness his shifting stories about where he went to college and, now, whether he “fired” the staffers in the sex scandals.
Between the primary and the session, Tillis could emerge as a badly wounded candidate. While Kay Hagan amasses a big war chest and a lot of ammo.


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One comment on “More Tillis Scandals Ahead?

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is the very reason why if Republicans are smart, they will nominate anyone but Tillis. Tillis has enough pay for play baggage already, and the Short Session will just make it worse. The Board of Governors fiasco is already out there. And with all that you liberals invested in unfairly trashing the legislature with the Blueprint campaign, I am sure you want to keep Tillis around to use that against him in November. Some liberal strategists have already been chortling with glee in the media at the prospect of doing so. Tillis is the only one in the primary field who is vulnerable to a Blueprint based attack.

    We have a Republican State House Speaker in Oklahoma, T.W. Shannon, who is also running for US Senate this election cycle, and he had the good sense to resign the office as soon as he announced for the Senate. Resigning has not hurt his campaign one bit. Shannon started out far behind his main primary opponent, Congressman Lankford, but at the last poll had a double digit lead over Lankford.

    One wonders why Rove is so dense that he cannot see these things, but then again, the establishment Republicans seem more interested in running a yes man whom they can control if he gets elected than a nominee who is actually more likely to beat Hagan.

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