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Will Governor McCrory stand up to the rising Republican revolt against Common Core (they call it “Obamacore”)?
Rushing to pander to the Tea Party, Republican legislators who once embraced the standards now denounce them. The philosophy seems to be: “Everybody should be as dumb as us.”
Chris Fitzsimon at NC Policy Watch summed up the Governor’s dilemma in a tweet: “Governor McCrory supports Common Core; so does his SBOE Chair Bill Cobey; Would McCrory veto bill ending Common Core?”
If McCrory stands firm, instead of folding, will he face a primary challenge in 2016 from Lt. Gov. Dan Forrest?


Grab a seat and some popcorn. This will be interesting.


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2 comments on “McCrory’s Core Test

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gary…are you seriously in favor of Common Core? Truthfully? Yes, I know it’s something that came out during a democratic administration in power and all….but, have you honestly researched it? Have you followed up on the complaints with it from students, parents, teachers, administrators? Truthfully? Are you just listening to the dedicated liberals that wanted this in place for your information on it?

    Is it good for children all across the country? Is it truthfully good to compare students in South Carolina or Georgia or Louisiana to those in Colorado or Wymoming or New Jersey…etc? C’mon, man.

    This is bad for our children. Good for democrats that they got it put in place? Yep….but bad for students…for children.

    Everything CAN’T be about politics, Gary. There has to be a line that shouldn’t be crossed and our children should be the line.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The problem here is that some of the nuts in the GOP have brought out the most bizarre complaints about the Common Core. To hear them talk, you’d think that the Common Core was developed by space aliens intent on subjugating the United States. They are so far out there that reasonable people just automatically defend the Common Core against them.

    Many of the complaints against the Common Core from the Left also sound like bogey-men arguments when they complain about the influence of Bill Gates and the Testing Industry.

    That’s too bad, because there are some significant issues with it; the state would be well-served by a second look.

    What issues? Well, Diane Ravitch (a liberal on such matters) has pointed out some good ones: because it was never field tested and was developed without any input from classroom teachers, it demands level of thinking and learning which are inappropriate for the targeted ages. For example, it seeks certain kinds of abstract thinking from 5-year-old kindergartners, when that ability typically doesn’t develop until age 7. It also focuses too heavily on non-fiction reading and short-changes narrative reading (even narrative non-fiction), which is dumb because people think in terms of stories — it would be better to focus more on narrative non-fiction.

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