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It sure looks, Richard said politely, like John Boehner could have found something else to sue President Obama over.
Fifty-four times John Boehner and the Republicans have voted to repeal Obamacare so it seemed odd to Richard, a retired businessman, that Boehner was about to sue Obama for not enforcing the Obamacare Employer Mandate.
It didn’t strike Mike, who’s thirty years younger than Richard and a Republican with a unique talent for seeing one side of every issue, as odd at all: He said. What’s wrong with that?  The President should enforce the laws that are on the books – even the bad ones.
Vic, who like Mike, has a talent for seeing one side of every issue (only from the opposite direction) said, Think of the ads we Democrats can run: Republicans say Obamacare is bad. But they’re suing Obama for not enforcing Obamacare; Mike snorted, That’s about what I’d expect, and Vic grunted, There’s as much truth in that as saying ‘Robin Hudson sided with child molesters.’
Welcome to a modern political debate.



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3 comments on “Modern Political Debate

  1. Anonymous says:

    Obama can’t be touched no matter what he does, so Boehner looks stupid, or should I say more stupid bringing a law suit. I am not sure what laws those guys abide by, but it sure aint the same books of law that govern us plain folk. If my business had missing hard drives from one computer much less 30 that would have put me in trouble with the IRS we would see the kind of law us poor folks live under. They need to get off Obama’s back. He is going to do everything he can to bring down capitalism, and the only thing we can do is try and ride it out. He doesn’t care about law, he knows he is above it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Carter, is the NC Academy of Trial Lawyers, or whatever they call themselves these days, still your client? I can see no reason why a conservative would shill for liberal Democrat Justice Robin Hudson, but it makes perfect sense that a paid publicist for a liberal trial lawyers organization would do so.

    For both you and Gary, you ought to publish a list of clients so that readers can evaluate how much your positions on these pages just happen to correspond with the interests of your clients.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I do miss the old days, with statesmen on both sides of the aisle, and an electorate that seemed to know better than to rant, unless they had some understanding of the issue.

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