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As soon as Conor the Jessecrat sat down at our regular political dinner he unfolded a newspaper, pointed, and said, There’s a headline to strike terror in every Congressman’s heart.

I read ‘Judge Orders Districts Redrawn’ and thought about the half-a-dozen lawsuits in North Carolina about redistricting but it turned out this lawsuit was in Florida where the state constitution makes it illegal for legislators to gerrymander districts for their political advantage. 
Mike, a dyed-in-the-wool Republican lawyer, shrugged and said, a Well, there’s no such provision in our state constitution, and Conor nodded and said, But there’slways a reckoning: What are you Republicans going to do if Dan Blue introduces the same law here – vote against  ‘fair districts’ and for gerrymandering?
Mike set his lips – then slowly grinned. 
Yes, he nodded, in a heartbeat.



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2 comments on “If Dan Blue…

  1. Anonymous says:

    These ”fair district” provisions are a bad joke. California and Arizona had some of their worst partisan Democrat gerrymandering under such laws. In California, it was a matter of the Democrats getting control of the commission staff and consultants, and in Arizona it was a matter of the Democrats getting an ”unaffiliated” voter who was really a liberal Democrat into the swing seat on the commission. Any redistricting system can be played for partisan benefit, and when its participants are not on the ballot, there is no way to hold their feet to the fire.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why would Republicans who suffered under Gerrymandering for years not take advantage of being on the deciding side for a few years. Only makes sense to use that to their advantage. It reminds me of when College basketball put in the 35 second shot clock. Reporters rushed to Dean Smith and asked. Dean, what are you and your 4 corners offense going to do now that there is a 35 second shot clock. His answer was classic. I am going to do whatever is within the rules to give my team the advantage.

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