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Today I suspend Republican-bashing to recommend a provocative political analysis.
Titled “Will Disillusioned Millennials Bring an End to the Reagan-Clinton Era?,” it’s from a professor and Daily Beast contributor named Peter Beinart. It’s long, and it’s worth reading.
Here’s my best shot at a short recap:
For decades now, politics has been dominated by the children of Reagan and children of Clinton. But the Millennials – the generation born between 1980 and 2000 – are very different. And they are going to make American politics very different – maybe, very soon.
Beinart: “Millennials are entering adulthood in an America where government provides much less economic security. And their economic experience in this newly deregulated America has been horrendous….The Millennials are unlikely to play out their political conflicts between the yard lines Reagan and Clinton set out.”
They lean much farther to the left – cultural, economically and politically. They are secular and socially tolerant. And they can be decidedly anti-corporate.
Beinart: “If Millennials remain on the left, the consequences for American politics over the next two decades could be profound. In the 2008 presidential election, Millennials constituted one-fifth of America’s voters. In 2012, they were one-quarter. In 2016, according to predictions by political demographer Ruy Teixeira, they will be one-third. And they will go on constituting between one-third and two-fifths of America’s voters through at least 2028.”
The politician who may be most vulnerable to this generational cohort? Hillary Clinton. Specially, an anti-Wall Street candidate like Senator Elizabeth Warren could do to her what RFK and Gene McCarthy did to LBJ in 1968.
Forgot for a while DHHS scandals and federal government shutdowns. Ponder the coming Millennium.


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2 comments on “Millennial Politics

  1. Longindtooth says:

    Great article by Beinart. Lengthy, but worth the read. The question in the end is will the Millenial voters be more anti-corporate or more anti-government? That will tell us how they will vote. I think popular music and fiction may give us the answer. I see lots of threads therein that are anti-corporate but very little theme of anti-government in popular content. For example, my son loves the Resident Evil movies and games. Those, like a number of popular video games, depict corporations as evil-doers. Also, nearly all of the Millenial voters are weighed down with student loan debt. To whom do they write those monthly checks? Mostly to banks.

  2. Choo says:

    Gary, go back to bashing Republicans. That way the enemy is a constant, predicting voter paterns involves too many uncertains. That generation you speak of is out of work, and inherits an already broke government. Take a look at Detroit, that is what the left leaning generation has to look forward to. It’s the economy stupid. The left Keynsian economic trend has failed every where tried, and is failing here in America. That generation will have to be mighty patient to hold onto an anti capitalist government that never pays off. They and their children are the ones we have strapped with trillions of dollars of debt. Don’t think that’s going to go down too well.

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