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The Governor, it appears, looking at his ailing poll numbers, figured the legislature had landed him in the soup, so it was only prudent to put some distance between himself and the Republican skunks in the General Assembly.
Of course, it’s also sometimes difficult to trace the origin of a smell and to legislators it appears the Governor’s the real skunk: We’re not the ones, they say, paying our former campaign staffers whopping big salaries.
Either way, there’s not much doubt, over the last nine months Republicans have taken it on the chin – but why (and who’s to blame) is not exactly clear.
What is clear is we have now entered an era of friends falling out – after all, with the Governor saying a House bill cost jobs, how many Republican legislators are going to shake their heads regretfully and sigh, Oh, well?
This kind of politics can get very complex. It’s like watching three elephants (the House, Senate and Governor) parading around the circus ring, each with his trunk wrapped around the tail of the elephant in front of him, then suddenly one pachyderm, lowering his head, tusks the fellow in front of him.
That kind of surprise will, naturally, lead to ill feelings.


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2 comments on “Friends Falling Out

  1. Reaganite says:

    All of them have missed the point. They are being skewered in the Blueprint scheme, which was leaked very early in the year. None of them have done anything to call attention to this or called out the highly partisan NC media (especially those outlets owned by the leftist California McClathchy organization) for its distortions and bias.

    Why are they fighting among themselves and not joining to counteract Blueprint? They knew Blueprint was coming and now that it is here, they seem to be wandering around aimlessly.

  2. Longindtooth says:

    I love the imagery of that circus ring of elephants poking each other in the patukes! It would make for a great political cartoon. The Republicans’ core problem is that their budget is popular in theory (cut gubmint spending!), but unpopular in practice. There were only a few areas they could cut because that’s where the lion’s share of the money goes: 1)Education, 2) Law enforcement and corrections, and 3) Medicaid. The “law and order” tough guys in the GOP would not allow cuts to law enforecemnt and corrections, so that left education and Medicaid on the chopping block. Guess what? Voters and GOP legislators are starting to find out how much people appreciate education and health care. Then you throw on top of an unpopular budget the emasculation of DENR and enviromental protection, restrictions on early voting that can only seve a partisan purpose, elimination of the back-to-school tax holiday, packing of the Utilities Commission and Industrial Commission with “pro-business” judges, and cronyism if not out-and-out political corruption and suddenly VOILA!, you have the makings of a wave election that no amount of money or gerrymandering may be able to hold back. Waves are powerful things. They can sweep you in from the sea and sweep you right back out. Voters know that all of these changes were brough to NC by Republicans because Republicans control 100% of the power in Raleigh. The only question is which Republicans are going to pay for the blame, the Governor or those in the General Assembly? I cannot wait for the short session to start.

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