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The state’s received a whopping $7.5 billion in ‘Stimulus Funds’ and a good part of it was to pay for Medicaid but, despite President Obama’s help, Secretary Lanier Cansler’s got a train wreck on his hands after he gave out $250 million in no bid contracts, a lot of them to his cronies and former clients.
So, Cansler’s budget’s in the red and he’s working on getting himself out of this mess or, more concisely, shifting the blame.
His problem, Cansler explains, isn’t no bid contracts or his just plain bungling his department’s budget – it’s that suddenly the number of people needing Medicaid is growing by leaps and bounds and how could he have expected that to happen?
To hear the Secretary explain it he’s the victim of an enexpected and undecipherable turn of events.
But, of course, what’s happening is that’s what usually happens during a recession – people lose their jobs and apply for Medicaid.
The recession was no secret last August when Cansler submitted his budget to legislators – did he expect it to end by December?



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