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You can’t really fault the State Democratic Party Chairman for tying himself in knots to praise Governor Perdue – but, then, maybe you can. Or, maybe, we should fault whoever on Bev Perdue’s staff wrote David Young’s latest email to voters.
Chairman Young (or his ghostwriter) begins his lament by telling voters about all the long years Governor Perdue spent laboring in the legislature, enduring chauvinism and gender abuse (I think he may mean Marc and Tony and the boys calling her ‘Dumpling’) then announces – voilà! – by the time she got to be Lt. Governor she had conquered all obstacles to become a master lever puller in the Senate.
Next he chronicles how Perdue metamorphosized from Senate lever puller into a peerless crusader fighting to end corruption in North Carolina.
The Governor is, Chairman Young says, singlehandedly holding government appointees to higher standards – which explains why she put Tony Rand on the Parole Commission.
She has also toughened ethics standards – which explains why she made a lobbyist head of DHHS then let him pass out $250 million in no bid contracts to his friends and former clients.

And of course, Young concludes, she is to be praised for recusing herself when one of her son’s clients applied to the state for millions in subsidies – except what she did wasn’t a recusal it was a flim-flam; she simply told her staff to decide her son’s client’s fate.

Anyone want to guess what happened?


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