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Those are the code words often used by Donald Trump’s supporters. Meaning what?

Judging from what Trump says, it must mean, “We like it when he says things that offend people, like women, the handicapped, the poor, Hispanics, Muslims and anybody else we don’t like.”

These people appear to like it when he suggests most immigrants are murderers and rapists, treats all Muslims as terrorists, makes fun of a handicapped reporter and obsesses over women’s periods and bathroom habits (“disgusting”).

They long for the good old days before “political correctness,” when they could freely insult, belittle and make fun of anybody not like them.

They fell in love when Trump claimed that President Obama wasn’t born in America. Which may be the most ignorant and bigoted strain in American politics today.

Every age has its bigoted, know-nothing demagogues. George Wallace was the last to run for President. But even Wallace cloaked his bigotry as a fight against a too-powerful federal government.

Trump’s ignorance and bigotry come raw. And his supporters like it raw.

There’s an ugly underbelly to Trump personally, one best left to a psychiatrist. Probably daddy issues. More concerning is the ugly underbelly that he strokes in America. That should concern a lot of Republicans. Is Trumpism what they want their party to stand for?

Before the Christmas spirit totally escapes you, contrast Trump’s way of thinking, talking and acting with Obama’s, as described in a revealing Washington Post article, “The quiet impact of Obama’s Christian faith.”

Who represents the best of both Christianity and America? And which approach will prevail in 2016?



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