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It turns out President Obama’s case of the wobbles, when it comes to whipping ISIS, isn’t confined to putting ‘boots on the ground.’

There’s a story in The Hill telling how the Homeland Security Department got the wobbles too, stopping an investigation dead in its tracks to ‘connect the dots’ between outright terrorists and other mosques and Islamic groups where ISIS might be recruiting.

One dot the investigators spotted was the Pakistani women’s group al-Huda – where Tashfeen Malik was a student.

Another dot was the mosque in San Bernardino – which Syed Farook attended.

But then the shadowy powers prowling the Homeland Security Department’s Civil Rights Division decided connecting-the-dots was a perfidious practice violating the Muslim group’s civil liberties – so after we spent a decade building the Department of Homeland Security to catch terrorists, it’s suddenly turned into the guardian of the civil liberties of Muslim groups in Pakistan.


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