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Like all Gaul, the Republican Party is divided into three parts, and all three seem to be at war with each, in North Carolina and nationally.

In North Carolina, the Cultural Conservatives (Part I) who run the legislature have made HB2 – and the consequent economic damage – the big issue for 2016.

That has led to a rebellion by Part II, the Business/Billionaire Club, which is Governor McCrory’s base.

At the same time, the Business/Billionaire Club nationally is suffering heart seizures over Donald Trump.

Trump is leading the GOP presidential race because he captured Part III, the White Working Class. He won their loyalty by attacking Obama, Mexicans, Muslims and – not least – the Business/Billionaire Class.

The three groups coalesced into a Republican coalition between 1964 and 1980. But it’s the nature of disparate coalitions to eventually fly apart.

Now it’s a three-way battle on two levels, state and national. It could lead to a GOP disaster in November. Unless Democrats blow the opportunity. Which is a subject for another blog.



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