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Here’s another way the crowd in Raleigh today is hurting North Carolina.

WRAL will broadcast a documentary at 7 pm tonight, “Grading Teacher Pay.” The station’s overview:

“During the 1990’s Governor Jim Hunt worked with Republicans and Democrats in the legislature to raise the average salary for public school teachers to the national average in an effort to attract and retain good teachers and improve education. Teacher salaries rose steadily until 2008, but after that our state’s average teacher salary plummeted to 47th in the nation and is currently 42nd.  The result, according to North Carolina’s Superintendent of Education and local superintendents, has been high teacher turnover and teacher shortages.  Many teachers have gone to other states for higher pay or have left the profession.   Through interviews with teachers and policymakers this documentary examines the impact of low teacher pay, its relationship to educational quality and the debate over how much North Carolina’s public school teachers should be paid.  The documentary is hosted by WRAL News anchor Renee Chou.

“In addition to the documentary there’s a related special report by WRAL education reporter Kelly Hinchcliffe that digs deeper into the teacher salary numbers on To find it use keywords ‘teacher pay’.”

The show, produced by Clay Johnson, airs tonight at 7 on WRAL-TV, WILM-TV and and on April 30 at 6:30pm on WRAZ FOX-50.


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