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It’s disappointing that Democrat Ralph Northam was elected Governor of Virginia – it’s worse that he won by five points more than Hillary.

It’s disappointing Democrats in Virginia swept the House of Delegates elections – it’s worse that, since they aren’t very well known, most candidates for state legislature live and die by national trends and, in Virginia, those trends handed Democrats 15 Republican seats.

It’s disappointing Hillary won white women with college degrees by 6 points – it’s worse that Ralph Northam won them by 16 points.  Another fact: Last year in Virginia Hillary lost married women by 1 point – while this year Ralph Northam won them by 10 points.

And the signs were not limited to Virginia: In Georgia, Democrats won three Republican seats in Special Elections for the state legislature. And in Manchester, New Hampshire, the incumbent Republican Mayor lost – the first time Manchester had elected a Democratic Mayor in 14 years.

None of that’s a shock. It’s an old tale. It sometimes takes a while but what goes around comes around. There’s always a day of reckoning waiting down the road. Most Presidents win their election then their party loses the next election two years later. And last Tuesday proved one fact: The wave is real. And the undertow is deadly.   


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