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A Democrat wrote on a Republican Congressman’s Facebook page: You Republicans cut taxes for the wealthy by screwing the middle class.

But think tanks, from the Tax Policy Center on the left to the Tax Foundation on right, have said Republicans cut income taxes on all income groups – from those earnings less than $10,000 to those earning over $1 million.

So a Democrat could argue Republicans should have raised taxes on the wealthy to cut taxes more on the middle class – but not that Republicans took money from the middle class to cut taxes on the rich.

But today most politicians figure they can let out a blood curdling howl – to get ‘shares’ and ‘likes’– on Facebook and get away with it. But there is a reckoning: The fiction a politician posts today can come full circle and hit him in the head tomorrow and, after that, people look at him, shake their heads, and say, That fellow’s just another Washington politician nobody with a lick of sense would listen to.


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