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Well, Carter, to be fair, I didn’t call you “a bigoted skunk.” I’ve grown more mellow these days, and I try to avoid name-calling.
Instead, I said your ad for Renee Ellmers was “an appeal to anti-Muslim prejudice.” I think that is a fair statement.
“Sixty Minutes” had an interesting piece about the mosque last night.
Imam Rauf did strike me as a moderate fellow, and he said he would disclose all the sources of his money. But, Carter, you and I probably will never agree about that.
It seems that your argument boils down to saying this community center you call a “victory mosque” shouldn’t be built because it offends some number of people.
But I thought the Imam had a good answer to that: It should be built because it’s a signal that America understands that not all Muslims are terrorists and suicide bombers.
And I thought that a fundamental principle among conservatives is that America should do what’s right, not politically popular.
As I recall, back in the 1950s and 1960s, the great objection to integration is that it would upset people. That didn’t make segregation right.
The question here is what’s best for our national interest: To bully this imam into retreating, which makes us looks hostile to all Muslims? Or to embrace a moderate Muslim – maybe even taking a risk by taking him at his word – in the hope that we will make a dangerous world a bit safer for us?
And, on top of that, which course is more in keeping with America’s principles?


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2 comments on “Gary Responds to Carter

  1. Chris says:

    There’s an alternate narrative if the Mosque goes through — it would embolden the radical Muslims out there: “What fools these Americans are. We destroy their towers and they put a Mosque in its place, thinking it would placate us.”

    The Imam should take a lesson from the nut down in Florida who wanted to burn Korans: You may have a *right* to do something which would be offensive to many hundreds of thousands of people. But, exercising that right is still probably a bad idea.

    If the US’ relationships with the Muslim world is going to improve, BOTH sides need to be less “In your face.”

  2. dap916 says:

    I wonder how Gary and those that are doing all they can to come up with scenarios and presentations to defend the mosque being built next to Ground Zero would feel or say about some gay group that built a few gay “gathering centers” a block or so from the Vatican knowing how just a very small minority of the “fatherhood” has been caught in their gay pedophile activities. It wouldn’t be allowed in Rome and we all know it…but, hey, Muslims can build a big mosque right next to Ground Zero where radical Muslims killed almost 3,000 Americans as a slap in the face to those families and to our country. That’s just fine to the radical left in our country…the minority. No longer are we considering what the majority of our country thinks….not since Obama and the radical far left has taken over control of our government. It’s an abomination and it WILL change. I hope after it changes that we will NEVER see the mamby-pamby, radical, hypocritical, hating-white-people racist liberal/progressive democrats that are so envious of anyone that has worked and saved and become self-sufficient in power ever again. Can I be any more plain????

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