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A federal criminal investigation. A massive, destructive spill. Deliberate pumping of bad stuff into water that people drink.
Is this a description of the current Duke Energy debacle? Or a preview of hydraulic fracking for natural gas in North Carolina?
The Duke mess is a huge – and perhaps fatal – problem for fracking in this state. How can the governor, legislature and regulators can ever assure a skeptical public that fracking will be safe? What rules can they develop to ensure that companies from around the world with sharp drills don’t sacrifice our drinking water in exchange for quick profits?
After all, Duke is a mature, North Carolina-based company that used an accepted storage system for coal ash, one that was governed by plenty of rules and regulations. But one stretch of river will never be the same, Duke’s reputation and bank account will be drained before it’s all over, and political careers will suffer collateral damage.
We’ve seen the future, and it looks totally fracked up.


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3 comments on “Fracking, Drilling and Spilling

  1. Anonymous says:

    Another one of your posts that difficult to argue with.

    ‘Bout all I gotta say, I guess.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To start with what Duke did and fracking are two totally different things. An ash pond and what is done in fracking are in no way similar. What is sure is that if we depend on foreign countries to provide our energy we will always be dependent on people like Putin and the like. We have seen the road to dependent socialism and it doesn’t bode well for N.C. or any other state in this union. Just like the false link between our governor and Duke Power, fracking is a real stretch to compare to the Duke Ash dumping. Here’s a similar comparisom. Obama stopped 11 people from traveling to America when Putin took the Ukraine, I guess he will not allow 100 Russian guest to travel here when Putin takes Florida.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Your leftie spin does not pass muster on this, Gary.

    What the real message is going to be for hard pressed consumers is which party is on their side on affordable energy? I have a surprise for you, Gary, that is NOT the Democrats.

    North Carolina Democrats gave us Senate Bill 3 which requires utility companies in North Carolina to buy expensive inefficient renewable energy, and they then pass along those higher costs to electric customers. European countries like Germany which have already jumped on that ideological bandwagon have seen electric bills to consumers go through the roof.

    Democrats in DC are stalling on the Keystone pipeline, which would give us access to dependable Canadian oil so we will not be dependent on unstable places like the Middle East and Venezuela. Depending on oil from those places makes us more vulnerable to price spikes every time there is trouble in those trouble spots.

    Democrats are engaged in a War on Coal, which is presently our most efficient fuel to produce electricity. The War on Coal, imposed by imperial decree instead of democratic legislation, by itself, threatens to greatly increase electric rates to consumers.

    Democrats in DC are stalling on drilling for oil in ANWAR and on public lands. We need those sources of energy brought online to keep prices down, but Democrats oppose it on silly ideological grounds. Similarly, Democrats are stalling on offshore oil in the Atlantic and Pacific, with the same implications.

    Fracking, a proven and safe process despite some debunked science fiction propaganda films like ”Gasland” has been a major factor in consumers’ favor in bringing down natural gas prices here in the US. It has also been a huge boon to foreign countries which have embraced shale gas, like Estonia which went from being totally dependent on Russia for energy to completely energy self sufficient. Ukraine projects that shale gas there can make them energy self sufficient in 6 years. We need more fracking not less.

    Of course, there are some renegade Republicans who are really undocumented Democrats who have gone along with some of these Democrat anti-consumer schemes. An example is Thom Tillis, who not only was one of the handful of Republicans to vote for Senate Bill 3 when the Democrats passed it, but also used his position as Speaker to spike a Republican attempt to repeal it in the last session of the legislature. Phonies like Tillis need to be dealt with in the primaries.

    Most Republicans stand for measures to make energy affordable, while most Democrats, including Kay Hagan, stand for making energy more expensive. Given the facts, it should not be difficult for consumers to figure out who is on their side, and it is not the Democrats.

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