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Maybe it’ll be Charles Meeker. Or Nancy McFarlane. Or one of their successors. Whoever, a mayor of Raleigh will be Governor. And soon.
The Raleigh media market is huge, reaching maybe as much as 40 percent of the Democratic primary vote and close to a third of the general election vote.  A mayor who has been visible and successful has a running start.
And, mayors can have an image of getting positive things done in a nonpartisan way in what is otherwise a toxic political environment. Meeker can point to the rebirth of Raleigh’s downtown, plus its growth and attractiveness for jobs, investments and new businesses.
That contrasts sharply with most of today’s governments, which either don’t work (Washington) or work in a way that angers half the voters (North Carolina).
Pat McCrory parlayed being mayor of Charlotte into a can-do image that elected him Governor. Now, of course, he is busy belying that image. But he overcame the “Charlotte myth” – that a Charlotte mayor couldn’t be elected Governor.  Raleigh won’t be far behind. It’s inevitable.
As North Carolina becomes a more urbanized state, we will no looker look to rural areas and small towns and cities for our governors, the way we did for generations.
You can be sure of one thing Meeker heard on his “listening tour” of the state. People are bound to have said, we’re tired of what politics has become. We want somebody with a quieter, less polarizing voice, a proven leader who can get things done.
Now, that’s easier to do in city hall than in the Capitol. But it may be enough to get you to the Capitol.


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2 comments on “A Mayor for Governor?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yep, and if either Meeker or McFarlane were to just hire you, Gary Pearce, to help them run their campaign, they’re certain to win. That’s the message here, right? hahaha

    Look, McCrory isn’t going to lose in 2016 because of the coal ash spill. He’s not going to lose because he has accomplished his campaign promises to reduce the size of the spending in NC government by controlling the entitlement give-aways. In fact, he’s not going to lose in 2016 period. But, nice try in getting people to hire you, Mr. Pearce, in their effort to unseat McCrory. Good luck with that, mi amigo.

    You’ve no doubt seen the latest news reports about how the problems with Duke Power and the coal ash situation has been going on for decades, right? That’s decades when the democratic leadership was in charge of DENR and so forth. You need to stick by your original post that said that the Duke Power issue is a NON-ISSUE. Remember that? It was recent here on TAP and you only need to go back a few posts of yours to see what you said in that. You’re so silly, Gary. You can’t seem to get a good hold on something to stick. Me thinks you’re kinda covered in Teflon or something.

    You’re full of hope. It reminds me of all that “hope and change” stuff our guy Obama ran on. That crap won’t wash now since none of it has worked out for the prez. Good luck, Gary. But, unless you’ve got a pot of gold stuck up your tail, I’m thinkin’ luck won’t be coming your way in this particular thing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good resume. I think it will be Meeker. He needs to read your post.

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