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Thom Tillis said Kay Hagan voted for Obama’s Stimulus Bill then her husband’s company got $390,000 in Stimulus Funds as a pay-off. And Hagan fired back Tillis (as Speaker) put a toll road near Charlotte in exchange for $25,000 in campaign contributions and sold three seats on the UNC Board of Governors for $75,000 in donations to his SuperPac.
Imagine being an Undecided Independent voter.
You don’t like Tillis or Hagan. You’d love to vote against both. But you have to choose one. And a week before the election, you turn on the TV and hear him saying ‘she’s a crook’ and her saying ‘he’s a bigger crook.’
How do you decide? Flip a coin?



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One comment on “Flip a Coin?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why do you think the very lightweight Libertarian pizza deliveryman is in the high single digits? Voters, particularly disgruntled GOP voters who do not like their nominee, tend to use the LP line as a substitute for None of the Above.

    Maybe we ought to just put a None of the Above line on the ballot.

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