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2008 must look worse for the Republicans than I thought.

At least, they think so.

President Bush stole into and out of Raleigh Friday with nary a photo op or video with Pat McCrory, Liddy Dole or any other Republican politician.

This is major.

I cannot remember the last time a Republican president – or presidential nominee – came to North Carolina without being surrounded by GOP coattail-hangers-on: Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I, Dole and Bush II.

They’re acting like Democrats during presidential election years.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is sending people into all 50 states and looking at ad buys in more states than ever for a Democrat.

The pundits and editorial writers beat Obama up for opting out of the public finance system. Looks to me like he has his own public finance system, one that is raising record millions of dollars from small contributors. He’s smart to do that, regardless of what the media wise guys say.

There is more than four months to go to November. And Obama has real vulnerabilities that the Republicans will attack.

But right now, this looks like it could be a major realignment election.

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