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Cullen Browder from WRAL-TV asked me if it helps or hurts Pat McCrory for President Bush to do a fundraiser in North Carolina.

The answer is: both.

McCrory has several hundred thousand reasons to bring in Bush: That’s how much money he’ll raise.

But McCrory doesn’t want too much coverage. So Bush is coming at a slow news time (Friday afternoon) and to a private home.

Key question: Will the campaign allow any video and photos of McCrory and Bush together?

Bush is unpopular with voters. The Democratic Party already unleashed an online ad tying McCrory to Bush – on school vouchers.

But Republican contributors will give big bucks to see the President and maybe have a photo taken with him. It looks good on the wall.

What’s striking is that Democratic candidates usually play this game in North Carolina. As Bev Perdue will. Rarely do you see a Republican here debating whether to have the President visit.

That may be another sign this is a Democratic year.

All the more reason McCrory wants the money. He may need it to fight the tide.

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