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Democrats and progressives routinely decry Big Outside Money (BOM). Maybe they should recalculate. BOM has fundamentally reshaped the U.S. Senate race – in favor of Senator Hagan and against Speaker Tillis.
A flood of ads sponsored by pro-Hagan groups like the Senate Majority PAC have painted Tillis as the friend of CEOs, yacht-owners and polluters and the dedicated foe of the environment, education and schoolchildren everywhere. Polls show Hagan opening up a measurable lead in what inevitably will be a tight race.
Conventional wisdom is that Tillis has been hurt by the long legislative session. Don’t believe it. Voters aren’t following what is happening at the legislature. Here’s a political rule of thumb that will always serve you well: Voters are paying a lot less attention than you think. And they’re paying a hell of a lot less attention than you are.
No, the changed race is a function of the information that voters are getting on TV. And what’s happening on TV in the Senate race this summer should be a lesson to Democrats: (1) This is a big, rich country. (2) There are a lot of rich people who have Democratic views and values. (3) There is enough of that money to beat the Republicans at the game they invented.
There was a time when Republicans confidently thought Obamacare would carry them to an easy victory in November. They need to recalculate too.


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2 comments on “BOMs Away!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hagan is going to be well-funded,that’s for sure. It probably won’t be by many individual rich people….but by PAC’s and union money and the national democratic party and so forth. Nice try, Gary. Yes, there are some…emphasis on some…rich people that are democrats, but that’s not usual. Most rich people are republicans except for the Hollywood types and perhaps the minority sports figures that get into the “big leagues” and make a ton of money. Most rich white democrats are democrats because they get their money from donating to the right democrats in specific positions in government so as to realize government contracts and so forth. Oh yeah…people know this, Gary. It’s not as much a secret as you think it is.

    I’ve see a whole bunch of anti-Hagan ads on TV of late. I’m not sure where it’s coming from and who is putting the ads out (it’s not the Hagan campaign committee). But, trust me, Hagan has her work cut out for her regardless the smiley face you’re trying to put out here about her candidacy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Boy I kinda like what you are calling Tillis. If he were really half the things you call him I would be proud to vote for him. Problem is there aint ten cents worth of difference between Tillis and Hagan. On another note, Wonder when you and the Democrats will wake up and realize how stupid it is to say Republicans hate the air and water, I think they got to breath it and drink it. Also this war on women, what’s going to happen when your Democrat voters realize Republicans have wives, mothers, and daughters. I guess they just hate them. Glad to see the Democrats have moved the debate to real issues and not just stupid sound bites.

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